Best Adjustable Beds 2021

Your doorway into dreamland is your bed, and the same bed also has a great potential of being more than that. All thanks go to the best adjustable beds in 2019 that are available on the market. These types of beds can create a very good environment for watching your favorite Netflix movies; it can also serve as your cozy reading nook or become your favorite place in your house. In addition to that, getting this type of bed is good for your health, this is because it reduces the chances of snoring, and it reduces sleep apnea as well as poor circulation. With this type of bed, cases of acid reflux and other digestive problems will be things of the past. However, before you decide to get one, you have to know that there different types of these beds on the market, and while choosing one, you should only choose the one that best suits your needs and budget, below are some of the best ten adjustable beds 2019 that you can choose from.

Lucid L300:

Lucid L300

This bed does not need an expert’s help; it has a folding hinge that makes it easy to fold. The bed also has a programmable memory function which makes it easier for you to access your favorite sleeping position easily. It has a motor which is very quiet and cool, and its frame has got two USB ports that are built with it, and this bed is available in twin XL, king, queen as well as a split king which voluntarily enables you to control both sides of the bed separately.

Nora Adjustable bed base

This bed is just the best overall pick for most seasons. It is an affordable bed that provides its users with all the coolest perks. It can be found in four sizes, from the twin XL to king. This bed has anti snore properties. With this bed, you will be in a position to change the elevation of your feet as well as the upper body positioning, and the sides of the beds also have got two USB ports which you can use to charge your phone as well as other devices like a laptop. This type of bed is very sturdy and can be smoothly and quietly adjusted. It has a simple setup and consumes small space; its controls are also very easy to learn and can be easily mastered.


nectar adjustable beds

This bed provides great head and feet elevation, this is beneficial especially for those people who snore as well as those who like reading or watching television while in bed. For sleeping, you can opt to elevate all the Ned’s to zero gravity positioning; you have the opportunity to preset your desired positions. The bed also comes with a built-in massage function which provides different areas of your body with zoned vibration. It is easy to control the functions of this bed; it can be easily controlled by using a wireless remote. The bed also comes along with USB ports that are installed on both sides of the bed which can be conveniently used for charging devices while you are in bed. This bed is perfect for all types of sleepers and sleepers with different weights can also sleep on that bed. Snorers and those who experience shoulder pains can opt for this bed as well.


It has cutting edge functions and features, and it has a wide range of positions which you can choose from. For those people with snoring problems, this can be your ultimate solution. You can easily make the bed become flat by just using a wireless computer. It also has USB ports which are built on both sides of the bed, and there is a lot of space underneath the bed. For those with bedroom space problem, this is the bed to go for. If you are suffering from back, neck or shoulder pain, this can be your ultimate relief bed. This bed is suitable for all types of sleepers.

Saatva Lineal:

This type of bed is suitable for sleepers of all types, and if you have chronic back and neck pain, it will help to relieve your pain. This bed provides its users with a comprehensive massage function. And the massage turns off after 15minutes automatically. This bed can as well separately elevate your head as well as your legs. You can also adjust the height within the four inches range. It does not produce noise when it is being adjusted; it is, therefore, suitable for those people who can be easily woken up by noise. Even those people who are overweight can also sleep on this bed as well as those people who have poor circulation; this bed helps in improving their circulation.

Purple powerbase:

For those suffering from sleep apnea, this is the bed to go for, with this bed, your head will be easily elevated to a high position, with this, it will do away with snoring. Sleepers who have high blood pressure can as well opt for this bed. If you have a partner then you do not have to worry because it also contains two adjustments each of you, you will also be in a position to enjoy the massage functions of this bed. Sleepers with different weights and positions can use this bed, and even couples are not left out.


This bed can be easily transported, set up and stored; this is beneficial especially for those people who like moving around most of the time. It comes with wireless remote control and a motor which is super silent. The bed also comes with a built-in flashlight and a backup battery for emergency purposes. It also has a limited warranty of ten years along with a home trial for 100 nights.


This bed is the perfect choice for light sleepers; it has an anti-gravity preset which makes it easy for a person to relieve all the pressure from the back. This bed is also beneficial when it comes to eliminating snoring. It also comes along with flashlight which you can easily use at night when you want to go to the bathroom. This bed also comes with a massage function which is great for people who find it hard to fall asleep.


This bed can easily be assembled; you do not need to seek professional help. This bed can support a weight of up to 750pounds; this, therefore, makes it ideal for all types of users. It also has USB ports on both of its sides, and all its legs are adjustable, this is to achieve the different preferences of the bed height easily.

Reverie 7S:

Reverie 7S adjustable bed

This bed comes along with motor which is powerful and noiseless. This bed can accommodate 850pounds weight. Its DC motor is normally powered by batteries. This bed can as well give you the opportunity to adjust your head as well as your feet positions easily; you can easily adjust it to the angle of your preference. It comes with full body massage functions and also good for snorers. It also has programmable memory positions as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

With the above list, I presume you are now aware of what you want and what type of bed is best for your needs. Choosing the right bed for your needs is the best gift you can ever give yourself, this is because you will be in a position to ease all the back and shoulder pains that you might be suffering from. Adjustable beds come in different prices and sizes; therefore, while choosing one, you should be very careful, get the one that you are sure you can afford and meets your needs as well.

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