When you walk in a shop to purchase yourself a coffee brewing machine it is obvious that you will be in dilemma due to the large variety you meet. But you don’t have to worry I have compiled up a list for you. These coffee makers are appropriate for your personal and family coffee brewing purposes. They on also built on the latest technology as some of them are automated. Here is a list of the best smallest coffee maker.

Zojirushi EC-DA50

This is a coffee maker which can serve to a maximum of five cups. Among its feature is the ease of usage. It comes with a removable water reservoir making it possible to directly pour water into its sink hence avoiding spillage. Inside it is also a heating unit which enables you to heat your coffee in case you did not drink all of it. It does not have an automatic shut off system hence you should not forget to turn it off. You can buy it at a price of around $69.99.

Keirig K-Class coffee maker

This is a single person serve coffee maker. It comes with a very large 48 oz. water reservoir which relieves you the burden of refilling the tank every time you want to prepare your coffee. You will be able to set up this coffee maker easily due to its systematically given directions in the manual. With only $89.99 you will be able to purchase this coffee maker.

Hamilton Beach Programmable coffee maker

This is a 12-cup Carafe which is big enough to serve to serve your entire family. Though it has an adjustable height which enables you to make quantities smaller than 12 cups. It is called programmable because you don’t have to remember to turn it off after completing to brew your coffee. It has an automatic system which turns it off automatically. Up its other features is the wide drip tray which keeps you free from spills. The coffee maker is very compact making it easy for you to clean it. As much as it has all these good features it also has con because your coffee won’t be as hot as some of you would prefer. You will get this machine at a fee of $59.99.

Black & Decker DCM18S

This is a single-serve brewing machine. When in a hurry this personal coffee maker will brew up coffee for in a matter of minutes. It comes with a stainless-steel mug which will hold your coffee and keep it warm during your journey. It also comes with an automatic turn off the system. This machine is durable and can last up to 10years when given proper care. It also has a minor defect as the water tank valve seems to pop out hence needs to be checked. This machine will cost you less than $20 to acquire it.

Mr. Coffee 4-cup drip Brewer

This is a coffee maker with a very unique feature. They include a scheduled brewing system where you can schedule it to repeat the brewing process the following day. It also has a drip pausing system where in case of any dripping you can always pause it before spreading on the entire plate. It is programmable hence has an automatic turn off the system. With only $27.99 you will purchase your own machine.

With the above-listed coffee maker am sure that the next time you visit any coffee maker shop you won’t be confused anymore. Depending on your needs you will get either the single person brewer or a family one of up to 12 cups.

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