3 Ways to Fix Your Broken Vertical Blind Slats

Vertical blinds can get damaged easier than imaginable. And this is frustrating because many have blinds at home that are fragile. So, what can you do? One of the most popular types of blinds are the  horizontal or vertical kinds.

Learn about more ways to repair your blinds with ease. Don’t feel like you have to spend too much money on new blinds instead try to learn how to fix it freely, economically, and ecologically.

Why use Vertical Blinds? 

Vertical blinds are highly convenient and very useful because they are an appealing option for your windows. However, the question is why? Because vertical blinds are wonderful at concealing your privacy and keeping the sun out or in your room or space.

Consumers love vertical blind because of the effectiveness, aesthetic, privacy, and protective capacity. For example, you can have horizontal blinds as well vertical blinds depending on your need or taste.

A vertical blind shows the window from top to bottom and is opened sideways. Moreover, vertical blinds are great for bigger windows and patio doors. In summary, the big benefit of vertical blinds is that they are convenient, fuss free, and great for a variety of window and door options.

How do you Fix Vertical Blinds?

When you try to repair and fix vertical blinds, many problems come up and make things more challenging. How? For example, you may need to replace broken vertical blinds by putting other broken slats within the blinds. But, what can you do with damaged or broken vertical blinds?

First and foremost, it is much easier and effective to buy new vertical blinds. However, many don’t want to spend the money to buy new blinds so these ways and methods can help with a damaged slat or vane. Overall, how would you fix your vertical blinds?

Don’t give up or quit because there’s a solution! Read more to discover how you can use various ways to fix your vertical blinds. First, you can easily and for free use a paperclip, or secondly a repair vane saver, or lastly an attractive clear blind repair tab.

Solutions and Ways to fix damaged Vertical Blind Slats

  • Use a Paperclip

This process to fix a broken vertical blind is useful and free. Moreover, the paper clip option will be a long lasting remedy. Paper clips are easy to find and even easier to use for a quick solution.

  • Put the paper clip down and then lay it on top of the gap of the slat of the vertical blind.
  • Then, you need to tape the paperclip down and put a hole or punch within the tape itself. You can easily do this by punching or creating a hole or two in the center of the tape piece. Remember to tape around the paperclip itself.
  • Furthermore, then you are able to hang the vertical blind up and your blind is fixed. You will need to make sure that the vertical blinds themselves will then flow into the clasps themselves.

In general, simply utilizing a paper clip can be amazing. Because, by placing a paper clip over a gap or hole, and taping it, then this solution acts as a concealer to the eye of any damage or holes in the blinds.

It’s the best solution for vertical blinds that need repair is to use clear tabs in my views.

Basically,  clear sticky tabs can be a solution to mending a hole or more for durability and cost saving. Read more below on the steps to easily repair your vertical blinds!

Using the clear vertical blind repair tabs has its benefits. For one, these tabs are universally compatible and effective for a variety of different types of blinds and window sizes and shapes.

Moreover, the tabs are clear in color, so this is a benefit. In essence, the tabs are effective with all blind colors and various blind textures. In summary, this is a  universal and compatibile solution that fits all solutions.

Clear Vertical Blind Repair Tabs

  • Custom tailored clear tabs are made for blinds. The repair tabs are pre-cut and customized in different sizes.
  • Many clear tabs have folded sides or edges to prevent further repairs and continual maintenance. The tabs are folded instead of cut and that repairs the broken or holey blinds for a long time.
  • Expect durable and very strong repair solutions. This is a not flimsy or band aid solution as the clear tabs are pre-coated with a strong sticky glue.
  • Lastly, to enhance and fix your blinds, simply peel off and remove the paper film. From there then stick on one tab and go forward then repeat on the other side until you are satisfied.

On the occasion that one or two panels break then easily fix your vertical blinds. How? Very simply by using vane savers to repair a hole or other easy issues while also being an ecologically safer alternative.

Essentially, Vane savers can be described as plastic adhesives or metal spines, which you can insert at the very highest point of a vertical panel. This is done to repair holes or other damage to a vertical blind.

  • Take off the connecting chain that keeps the vanes together. By removing the chain from the vanes you can start repairing. It is crucial to remove it before unhooking the vanes.
  • Take off blind and remove from the hook. Once the vane is separated from the hook then take a vane saver to conceal hole. Furthermore, then go ahead and repair vane.
  • Easy process that involves attaching the metal vane saver on top of the damaged tab, and then rehanging.

Draw and attach the vertical blind to ensure that it is attached securely. Now look at that, everything looks good as new again.

Some pro advice, if your vane is ripped and frayed at the top, then cut off a portion before putting on the vane saver. As well, a vane saver could also add length to a panel, so beware of the consequences.

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